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Covid-19 Information 

This information is to inform you of any changes we may have to or have already made due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Our highest priority is the well-being of service users and staff. I can understand it is a very worrying time especially for those with underlying health conditions. We will continue providing your care calls as normal at present. We are monitoring and following all guidance from the Government and Health and social care public Health England. But please be reassured we are doing everything we can to keep everyone protected from exposure and the risk is currently low for those receiving care at home.


What we are doing to keep you safe...

From the 2nd March 2020 all staff will wear a surgical face mask, disposable  single use apron, disposable single use gloves every visit regardless of symptoms. 

Staff will take your temperature on arrival and document in your folder. This will help us monitor any possible concerns at the earliest convenience.

Face shields or googles will be worn by staff if you or a member of your house is presenting with any type of cough. 

We are updating you as soon as we have information via post. If you require information in any other format than plain text please contact the office on 07725972580 or email

We have decided to do a shopping visit each week for those shielding and prescription collections free of charge until the 4th July 2020. We understand that online shopping delivery slots are not readily available and we have asked all those over 70 or with existing health conditions to shield. As family cannot visit we will of course ensure all your needs are met. If we haven't already contacted you about this please call 07725972580 as soon as possible.

All our policies and procedures are available via email or post.

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